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Legal Subject Guide with Legal Citation: BC Laws Search Tips

This guide lists a selection of print and electronic resources available at the VCC Library, including a guide to the basics of citing Canadian legislation and court cases.

BC Laws search tips

British Columbia act or regulation

BC Laws home --> Laws of British Columbia (left margin) --> Search using the box on top (or Advanced search link at top), or use the alphabetical list if you know the title

Point-in-time for a BC act

Laws of British Columbia (A-Z) --> Click letter of alphabet matching act's title --> Click title of act --> Select Point in Time (or Regulations, etc.) 

"Point in time" information is available for about 10 years for most acts on BC Laws. It shows what an act used to look like.


Find current BC orders-in-council

BC Laws home -->Orders-in-council (under Current heading on the left) --> full text search



Find historical BC orders-in-council

BC Laws home --> Under Historical heading on the left, click Orders-in-council --> Scroll down to find Index --> Index By date

Note: There is a full text search for Orders in council, but the Index by date is better for older. 1890s & earlier were mostly handwritten, so the fulltext search won't work.

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