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iPads at the Library: iPad Accessibility

This guide is intended to provide VCC students and employees with information about borrowing and using iPads.


You can set up VoiceOver to speak in your mother tongue.  You have 36 languages to choose from, including Arabic, Cantonese, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Braille Commands for VoiceOver

Look here to find Braille commands that work with VoiceOver.


FaceTime is video calling on the iPad.  It is perfect for communicating by sign language or lip reading.  Click here for instructions for setting up FaceTime.

iPad Accessibility Podcasts

Accessibility Options

The iPad comes with a variety of tools to increase accessibility for everyone.

Voiceover for iPad

VoiceOver:  The iPad has a screen reader built into it that will describe buttons and menu options displayed on the screen.  The screen reader can work through the iPad's loud speakers or with a set of headphones.  You can change the reading speed and what items are read by VoiceOver.  When you have VoiceOver turned on, tap on a button once to hear the name read out loud and tap on the button twice to open the program. Apple's iPad Accessibility Information - Voiceover

Zoom:   Allows you to magnify the screen in any application. Apple's iPad Accessibility Information - Zoom

Large Text:   Allows font size to be increased up to 56 points. Apple's iPad Accessibility Information - Large Text

Invert Color: Allows you to adjust the iPad screen to black on white. Apple's iPad Accessibility Information - Invert Color

Speak Selection:  Allows you to highlight text and have it read aloud even when VoiceOver is not enabled. Apple's iPad Accessibility Information - Speak Selection

Speak Auto-text: Speaks auto-correction as you type. Apple's iPad Accessibility Information - Speak Auto-Text

Mono Audio: Enables you to adjust the volume between the left and right channels Apple's iPad Accessibility Information - Mono Audio

Assistive Touch:  Allows you to create gestures or to use assistive devices to navigate the iPad’s touch screen. Apple's iPad Accessibility Information - Assistive Touch


Locate iPad Accessibility Features

Accessibility Features on the iPad

Follow these steps to locate the accessibility features on the iPad:

  1. Tap the Settings App icon.
  2. Select General from the menu on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. On the menu on the right hand side of the screen, scroll down the list until you see the Accessibility item.  Tap on Accessibility with your finger to view all the accessibility features on the iPad.

iPad Accessibility Information

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