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iPads at the Library: Borrowing an iPad

This guide is intended to provide VCC students and employees with information about borrowing and using iPads.

Charging the iPad

Charge the iPad by connecting it to a power outlet using the power adapter and the USB cable or connect the iPad to a USB port on your computer using the USB cable.

Drawing of iPad charging in a wall.

Borrowing an iPad

Taking an iPad from a library bookshelf

Borrowing an iPad

  • iPads can be used inside or outside the Library.
  • The iPad comes with a case, cable and adapter.
  • Students and employees must show their library card or a picture ID in order to check out an iPad.
  • 4 weeks loans for students and employees (no extensions).
  • No renewals - users must wait one day before borrowing again. 
  • iPads are first-come, first-served (no bookings).
  • Check availability: iPad 9.7" (5th generation), iPad 10.2" (9th generation)

Apps and Personal Data

  • All iPads will be pre-loaded with a selection of apps, including a limited word processor.
  • iPad 10.2" will be pre-loaded with additional Wellness apps, such as UCLA Mindful, Insight Timer – Meditation App, Self Help App for the Mind SAM, Mindshift CBT, Anxiety Canada, and Plum Village.
  • All information, activity and downloads will be erased after the iPad is returned to the library. 


  • Late fines are $5 a day, up to $20 (as per existing policy)
  • Overdue emails will be sent.
  • Billing will take place 1 month after the due date.
  • For unreturned or damaged items, users will be charged the cost of replacing the iPad.

Returning the iPad

Return the iPad and all equipment to the Service Desk where they were checked out.

Please do not put the iPad in the book return bins.

Return the iPad in the same condition in which it was checked out.  All content on the iPad will be erased after it is returned.  The library is not responsible for any files or purchases left on the iPad after it is returned.

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