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Indigenous & First Nations Studies: Land Treaties

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To find resources on this topic, we suggest you first try typing into the search box the following terms:

  • British Columbia - Ethnic relations - History
  • British Columbia - Race relations - History
  • Indigenous peoples - Legal status, laws, etc - Canada - History
  • Indigenous peoples - Legal status, laws, etc - British Columbia - History
  • Indigenous peoples - Land tenure - Canada - History
  • Indigenous peoples - Land tenure - British Columbia - History
  • Indigenous peoples - Land tenure - North America
  • Indigenous peoples - Canada - Government Relations
  • Indigenous peoples - Canada - History
  • Indigenous peoples - Canada - Social conditions
  • Indigenous peoples - Cultural assimilation - Canada - History

If you are having trouble finding any resources using these search words, you can try using more outdated terminology or you can ask us to search for you. For example, two subject terms used frequently in our Library catalogue are Native Peoples Canada and Indians of North America. These terms are commonly used in academic libraries, even though they don't accurately reflect the current language used to describe Indigenous people in Canada today. This terminology is disrespectful and hurtful. We sincerely apologize for any pain this may cause. We are currently working towards changing this aspect of the library system. Unfortunately these changes can take time and we appreciate your patience and understanding.  The good news is that our newer resources are all using the more representative and respectful subject term Indigenous Peoples.


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