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EAL (formerly ESL): Find Articles

Resources for students in EAL, LINC and Pathways.

Selected Canadian News Sites

Most of these are also available through VCC Libraries subscriptions to news databases. Some of these news sites have a limit on the number of articles you can view in a month.  If you can't access a full article, try searching one of our news database subscriptions.

What's a Periodical?

Periodicals include:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Journals

They are published regularly - daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

News Online

You need to login to your my.vcc account ( ) to access these resources from home.
  • Username: Your student ID #
  • Password (If you haven't changed it): VCC Your birthdate (MMDDYY) #
    • Example: VCC010283# is your password if you were born January 2nd, 1983.
    • You may need to change your password.

Academic research databases

Research databases include articles written by academic experts (scientists and professors).  The articles are for experts, and for college and university students who are studying a topic with a lot of detail.  

Background information

These databases include background summaries of different broad topics.  They are background information, so they do not get published and updated as often as the news.

Free Web Periodicals

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