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Dental Hygiene: Research workshop

Find article databases, websites and library resources related to dental hygiene.

Health Sciences Research Article Databases

Search thousands of health sciences journal abstracts at once: Medline, CINAHL (Nursing), and PsycINFO databases.

Health research databases

* for different word endings
dental hygien* 
=dental hygiene, dental hygienist

"" for a specific phrase in that exact order
"dental hygiene" 
=dental hygiene

OR to find any of a set of terms
"mouth wash" OR mouthwash OR mouthrinse OR "mouth rinse" OR "oral rinse"

AND to limit your search to only things with both terms
children AND anxiety

VCC Library Databases

Additional Databases

Scholarly research cycle

Peer review publication process

The peer-review process

  1. An author researches a topic, writes an article, and submits the article to a journal
    • The article could be based on one or more of many research types: 
      • a large or small study (clinical, lab, or population);
      • a clinical case write-up of one patient's unusual situation;
      • or a review of existing research on a topic
  2. The journal editor sends the draft article to 3-5 experts (peer reviewers)
    • They read the article, and check the data and analysis, methods, etc.
    • Their comments go to the original author.
  3. The paper is accepted, rejected, or revised
  4. The journal publishes the paper; it is indexed in research databases like Medline, CINAHL, etc., for you to find!
  5. Researchers & professionals read research articles 
    • Reading these articles informs and inspires professionals, and future researchers 

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