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Practical Nursing: Web Sites

A link to helpful Nursing resources. Includes databases, web sites, nursing associations.

Reliable Online Sources

When using online sources, make sure they come from reputable organizations. You should generally use websites from academic institutions, governmental sources, and formal organizations like associations, medical groups, etc., as your main online resources.

Questions to ask yourself about the website you are considering:

  1. Who created the information and are they experts in the subject content of what you are reviewing? Does the URL of the website contain .edu, .org, .ca, .com, .biz, etc.
  2. What kind of information is being provided?  What is the scope of the information and how well is the topic covered?
  3. When was the information produced or updated and is the content current?
  4. Where does the content come from? Can you verify the information elsewhere?
  5. Why was the information created and is it unbiased? Is there advertising on the website?

For more information on how to select resources when doing your research for an assignment or paper, consider looking at this link:

How to do research?

Test Preparation

Government Info


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General Health and Drug Information

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Palliative Care

Websites - Class Exercise

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