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Practical Nursing: Articles and Journals

A link to helpful Nursing resources. Includes databases, web sites, nursing associations.

Evaluating Articles

Use the C.R.A.A.P. test to evaluate your article:

Currency - How current is the article and the references used in the article?

Relevance - What is the target audience and is the level appropriate? Does the information relate to your topic?

Authority - Who published the article and does the author have the qualifications applicable to the subject content of the article? Who sponsored the research?

Accuracy - Does the evidence support the information provided and are there other resources to verify the information? Are there in-text citations?

Purpose - Was the article impartial, unbiased and factual? Does the article try to sway your opinion or inform you?


Available from Benedictine University Library, this checklist helps you evaluate an article you are considering for your paper:

Evaluating Sources Checklist



Access from Home

Use your VCC Login (Your student ID number) and Password (usually your birthday in MMDDYY format) to connect from home. For help, go to the Connect from Home link.

Online Article Databases

Note:  Use your VCC Login (Your student ID number) and Password (usually your birthday in MMDDYY format) to access from home.

Additional Databases

Interlibrary Loan Tips

You can order any articles that are not available online through the library's free interlibrary loan service.

Journals usually arrive in 1-3 days. Visit our Interlibrary Loan page for more information.

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