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Brraaiinnss: When Zombies Attack Survival Guide: Welcome

Zombie Survival Guide

Brain Recipes by Emily Stonehouse

Stonehouse, E. (2016). Brain Recipes [Digital drawing]

October 31st is approaching and in case Zombies rise from the grave, VCC library has prepared this guide to show you how library resources and services can be accessed remotely from a safe dungeon. It also lists resources for learning survival skills or dealing with the living dead!

If you need more detailed library information on these subjects, please e-mail the library to

For Undead Eyes and Ears

Chat Help!

What can I do to be prepared for a Zombie outbreak/invasion?

How can I effectively "kill" a zombie?

What are the best Anti-Zombie Weapons?

Get immediate, interactive and knowledge help online using Askaway! 

Askway allows you to chat with a librarian in real-time. Try Askaway! Library staff would be there to anwer your questions even if we have been turned!

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