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Brraaiinnss: When Zombies Attack Survival Guide: Scholarly Peer-reviewed papers on Zombies!!!


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Scholars thoughts on Zombies!

Use our online databases to search for articles in hundreds and thousands of magazines, journals and newspapers at one time. It's a fast and efficient way of finding useful articles for your research projects. Here are few samples of papers on Zombies:

Márton, M. (2019). What Does the Zombie Argument Prove? Acta Analytica34(3), 271–280.

Olson, E. T. (2018). The Zombies Among UsNous52(1), 216–226.

McDANIEL, J. (2016). You can point a finger at a zombie. Sometimes they fall off: Contemporary Zombie Films, Embedded Ableism, and Disability as Metaphor. Midwest Quarterly, 57(4), 423-446.

McBAIN, J. (2016). Should I Let My Zombie-Wife Eat My Brains?: Navigating a Messy Moral Question. Midwest Quarterly, 57(4), 402-410.

Fillol, S., Salvadó-Corretger, G., & Sala, N. i. (2016). The imaginary of the cinematic zombie in the representation of the defenceless: from Hollywood classicism to contemporary Europe. Communication & Society, 29(1), 53-66. doi:10.15581/

Sandefur, T. (2016). Anarchy, State, and Zombie Dystopia. Reason, 48(2), 52-58. 

Simmons, T. E. (2015). What Zombies Can Teach Law Students: Popular Text Inclusion in Law and Literature. Mercer Law Review, 66(3), 729-780.

Burston, D. (2014). Cyborgs, zombies, and planetary death: Alienation in the 21st centuryThe Humanistic Psychologist42(3), 283–291.

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