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Criminology: Tutorials: Sociology Database and Lexis (Legal) Database

This guide will help you find academic resources about criminology.

Tutorial: Sociology Database

This Sociology Database Search video tutorial (2 min 20 sec) is also available on Kaltura. Please note that login information has changed. The default new password is VCCMMDDYY# (with your birthday in numeric Month, Day, Year format; eg VCC010299# if you were born January 2, 1999.)


Expand your search by adding synonyms to your keyword search, and using the "In" search to narrow where you look.

This Expanding Your Article Search: Sociology Database (3 min 15 sec) video tutorial is also available on Kaltura.

Find full articles using database links and interlibrary loan, and use the 'Cite' tool with online ASA guides.

This Finding Full Text Articles and Using the Cite Tool (2 min 10 sec) video tutorial is also available on Kaltura.

Tutorial: Lexis Advance Quicklaw

Lexis Advance Quicklaw contains primary legal sources like Canadian court decisions and legislation. It also contains some commentary and analysis. This is from a legal perspective: it is valuable information, but not necessarily criminological analysis.

Searching Case Law - Lexis Advance Quicklaw (4 min 23 s)

Boolean Searching - Lexis Advance Quicklaw

Learn how to combine searches to find case law and more in Lexis Advance Quicklaw

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