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GoPro at the Library: Using the GoPro

This guide is intended to provide VCC students and employees with information about borrowing and using GoPro.

Switch on/off

Press the Mode button on the side. When information appears on the touch display or the camera status screen, your camera is on.  

To Power Off: Press and hold the Mode button for two seconds.

 Start/stop recording

Recording with GoPro camera

Press the Shutter button to record. 

To stop recording, press the Shutter button again

Recommended settings

For your school projects, we recommend the following settings:

  • Video = 1080p at 30 fps 
  • Photo = 12mp JPEG 


Tutorial - Video Settings


To view your files: swipe right to open the gallery. 

Transfer files

Transfer any files you wish to keep to your own memory device. All content on the GoPro will be erased after it is returned. 

PRO-TIP: Using a SD card reader is the fastest way to offload your media onto your computer.

Delete content

To delete all the content of the SD card: Swipe down, then tap Preferences > Format SD Card > Delete.

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