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NURS 1161: History of Nursing Presentation: Web Sites

A guide to recommended sources for the History of Nursing presentation in NURS 1161.

Web Search Tips

Use Google's Advanced Search to:
  • Limit searches to domains (like .edu, .org, .ca, etc.)
  • Search for terms only in a part of a document, like the title
  • Search for exact phrases (eg: "VCC Library")
Evaluate websites:
  • Who wrote it?
  • What is the website about?
  • When was it created or updated?
  • Where does it come from - government, business, educational institution?
  • Why was it created - to sell a product, to provide opinions, to educate?

Reliable Online Sources

When using online sources, make sure they come from reputable organizations. You should generally use websites from academic institutions, governmental sources, and formal organizations like associations, medical groups, etc., as your main online resources.

Here are some reliable options with links to many web sites:

Subject Guide

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