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Records Management Basics: Avoiding Plagiarism

Basic information about records management

Plagiarism Avoidance Tutorial

Watch this video series for a clear overview of avoiding plagiarism. Click the hamburger menu (four white lines) in the top right corner to see list of videos. View on desktop or mobile by logging in with your MyVCC username and password.

Access From Home

Use your VCC Login (Your student ID number) and Password (usually your birthday in MMDDYY format) to access from home.

Use this video series tutorial from Proquest Research Companion. Scroll down to Use Information and work through 8. How do I avoid plagiarism and find my own voice? Use the link to Proquest Research Companion if you have difficulty with the embedded video below.

Learning objectives for this video tutorial are:

  • Researchers will know how to avoid plagiarism by properly citing information from outside sources
  • Researchers will understand the importance of introducing sources
  • Researchers will know how to use sources ethically and effectively through summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting
  • Researchers will know how to use information from outside sources while maintaining a strong voice of their own

(Objectives taken directly from the ProQuest Research Companion section 8. "How do I avoid plagiarism and find my own voice?")


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