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ChatGPT and AI Technology: Journals & Articles

Selected Journal Articles

Special Issues on AI Technology

Selected Trade Publications

Chronicle of Higher of Education

Our subscription provides access to a searchable archive of back issues and unlimited access new articles with a 30 day delay. Keyword search: ChatGPT

Selected articles:

Inside Higher Education

Search directly on the Inside Higher Education website. Not indexed in library databases. Keyword search: ChatGPT or Generative AI

Selected articles:

Top Education Databases

These online articles databases will be the most useful for research on Education. You can also see the complete list of VCC's databases, covering a wide range of subjects. Use the online databases to search for articles in magazines, journals and newspapers.

The articles you find will either be in full-text (read them online), or a citation (bibliographic information). If only the citation is available, click on the "Where Can I Get This Link?" that will display in the summary of the article; this will allow you to request the article from another academic library through our Interlibrary Loans service.

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