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GNED 4270: Multiculturalism in Business: Welcome

Streaming Videos on Diversity in the Workplace

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Valuing Diversity, from Title: Working in Socially Diverse Environments in the Hospitality Industry

There is a growing trend to value diversity in the work place. This is especially important in hospitality. Diversity allows for differing perspectives and innovation and must form part of the workplace culture. Inclusivity is a key concept in promoting diversity.

Which Fork Do I Use? 

Help students make a good impression with proper etiquette for special occasions. In this video, four high school students seek the advice of a FACS educator and etiquette expert as they prepare for a formal dinner and dance. Topics include etiquette basics, seating, formal table setting, soup, bread, cutting, serving styles, seasoning, passing dishes, posture, dealing with nervousness, conversational etiquette, and paying the bill. The program’s reality TV feel uses down-to-earth questions to help students learn and practice formal etiquette, while the diversity of the participants will help support a multicultural approach. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (22 minutes)

The Human Element

Corporate innovation begins and ends with people who have the vision and courage to push creative boundaries. But in today’s global marketplace, it’s no easy task to engage and motivate a workforce. This program explores ways for organizations to harness diversity and original thinking, unlocking the innovator in every employee or team member. Expert guests include GE’s former CEO Jack Welch, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, RLJ Companies founder Bob Johnson, and Procter & Gamble CTO Gil Cloyd. Also featured are Frans Johansson, author of The Medici Effect, and management guru Peter Sheahan. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (47 minutes)

Committed to Diversity?, from Title: Overcoming Barriers to Employment

Industries and employers have different levels of commitment to diversity in the workplace. A company's attitudes may be conveyed in subtle--and not so subtle--ways.

Accept Diversity, from Title: People Skills: Communicating in a Team

The workplace is becoming more diverse. Accepting diversity means recognizing different backgrounds, being sensitive to difficulty, and helping teammates so that they can fully contribute to the team.


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