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Automotive Collision & Refinishing: Top Resources

Find the best information about automotive collision and refinishing, in the library and online.

Top Resources

Repair Information:

Safety Videos:

Car & Motorcycle Magazines:

Overdrive has eBooks and audiobooks for your desktop or mobile device. Also includes over 4200 magazines on many subjects; over 260 of those are auto-related.

VCC Library Car

In September 2019 an International ACR class pushed a 2001 Smart Car into the Broadway Library! International ACR students and faculty had fabricated a custom "book" steering wheel and "pencil" gearshift. Students pushed as Annelle steered it into place:

Silver Smart Car being pushing through library


Keith steered as an ACR class pushed the car from the shop, left on 7th, and then up the sidewalk on Glen Drive:

Students push a silver Smart Car up the Glen Drive sidewalk

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