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Going online: Library support during COVID-19: Library Takeout Service

What is Takeout Service?

The Library has launched an on-campus pick up service to enable VCC students, faculty and staff to access items in the collection that are not available in electronic formats. 

Materials can be ordered by selecting the “Request It" option in the record of the item in the library catalogue. 

Requests will be processed within 2 business days, held for 7 days, and made available for pick up at either the Downtown or Broadway library on Monday to Thursday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Library users will be notified that their items are available for pick up by VCC email. 

How To Pick Up a Takeout Order

  • Wait for a confirmation email indicating that your items are ready to pick up. Materials should be available within 2 business days.  
  • You must pick up your request within 7 days of notification. For example, if you received your email on Monday, you must pick up the item by the following Monday.
  • Come to the main entrance of the chosen library during pickup hours: Monday – Thursday, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm. 
    • VCC Broadway Library: 1155 East Broadway, level 2 
    • VCC Downtown Library: 250 W. Pender, atrium
  • Patrons with accessibility challenges may designate a proxy for pick-up. This must be prearranged in advance of pick-up.  
  • Bring your student ID or government issued ID to show security and library staff. Please only come to the library to pick-up materials, we are not offering any other services at this time. 

How Place a Takeout Order?

To place a Takeout order, please follow these steps: 

  1. Find the item in the VCC library Catalogue 
  2. Select Request it 
  3. Log in with your myVCC login 
  4. Select a pickup location: Broadway or Downtown 
  5. Submit your request. 

For assistance please email

What to do when you get to the library

  1. Line up following physical distancing markers placed outside. 
  2. Only one person stands at the marker distance, no pairs or groups. 
  3. Only one person can enter the library at a time. Please wait your turn. 
  4. When you enter the library, please stand at the marker in front of the table and wait for staff to approach the window.  
  5. Place your ID or registration paper face up on the table/counter, then step back. 
  6. Library staff will then approach, verify the ID without touching the card, sign out the material, place it on the table, and then step back.  
  7. After staff have left the materials on the table for you, and step back, you may pick up the materials and leave. 
  8. Library staff will wipe down the table/counter with disinfectant between each interaction. 

How can I borrow a laptop or iPad?

  • All students, faculty and staff can now borrow AV Equipment from either campus.
  • In order to borrow any equipment you must first place a booking. 
  • AV equipment, such as laptops or iPads can be booked online.
  • Please note that laptops and iPads are bookable for only 7 days at a time, and the same goes for the rest of our equipment.
  • Please do not show up on campus for equipment without making a booking. 

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