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Going online: Library support during COVID-19: Borrowing and returning materials


My library loan is overdue, can I renew it?

All loans have already been renewed until August 17th, 2020. Should the library remain closed after this date, we will renew them for you again until a later date. You do not have to worry about renewing or returning your items until the library is open again.


Will I get fines on anything I have out right now that is overdue?

If you had any fines on your account before we closed the library, those will remain. Any items you have out at the moment should not be accumulating any fines as they will be checked out to you until the library is open again. To avoid fines in the future, please return your items as soon as we are open again.


Can I borrow books, Course Reserves or AV Equipment from the Library?

Unfortunately, because both of our locations are closed due to safety concerns, we are unable to loan out any physical items.

If I can’t borrow them from the library, where can I get my textbooks for my courses?

You can purchase these online from our bookstore here:

We are currently working towards acquiring eTextbooks for some of the programs, but we are unsure if and when these will be available. You can contact us at with your requests.

Please contact your instructor to let them know that you are having trouble accessing the materials for your course, and to see if they have any solutions.

Can I borrow books through Interlibrary Loan?

Unfortunately, all of interlibrary loaning of books has been shut down across the province at this time. However you can still request articles that can be sent through email here:

Am I able to place a hold on a book from the library so I can pick it up when you are open again?

Due to logistics, we are not allowing holds on book at this time.

If I can’t borrow books right now, what do I have access to?

You still have access to all our databases  and ebooks

Who can I contact with further questions about borrowing?

You can email us at or you can chat with us live at AskAway, 9:00-6:00, Monday-Friday.


Can I return my books right now, even though the library is closed?

We highly recommend that you do not return your books until the library is open again. We will keep renewing your loans for you until we are open again. If you absolutely must return them, you have to present your student ID or valid government issued identification to enter either campus. For campus hours, check here:

Can I return the laptop I borrowed?

No, you must wait until the library is open again. We will renew your borrowed laptop until we are open again.

Removing the hold on your account

I am trying to register for a course, but there is a hold on my student account to library fines. Can you please remove the hold on my account?

Please email us at, and include your name and student number. We will look into this as soon as we can, and get back to you as quickly as possible during business hours.

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