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Education Literature Alerts: May & Jun. '18 - Employer Engagement

Items of interest from VCC Library

Education Literature Alerts

Recommended Monographs

Álvarez-Mayo, C., Gallagher-Brett, A., & Michel, F. (2017). Innovative language teaching and learning at university: enhancing employability. Research-publishing.

"This second volume in this series of papers dedicated to innovative language teaching and learning at university focuses on enhancing employability. Throughout the book, which includes a selection of 14 peer-reviewed and edited short papers, authors share good practices drawing on research; reflect on their experience to promote student engagement, inclusivity, and collaboration; and foster a successful learning environment while developing employability skills." [Excerpt from the book summary]

Atkinson, G. (2016). Work-Based Learning and Work-Integrated Learning: fostering engagement with employers. National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd.

"This paper summarises the key features of work-based learning and work-integrated learning and discusses how engagement with industry and employers can be fostered and what the two sectors can learn from each other. It draws on the vast literature on work-based learning and work-integrated learning and provides an extensive bibliography and resource list." [Excerpt from the report introduction]

Bailey, T., Jaggars, S. S., & Jenkins, D. (2015). Implementing guided pathways: tips and tools. Community College Research Center.

"A growing number of community colleges and four-year universities are seeking to improve student outcomes by redesigning academic programs and student support services following the guided pathways approach. These institutions are mapping out highly structured, educationally coherent program pathways for students to follow by starting with the end in mind--consulting with education providers at the next level and with employers to ensure that the learning outcomes of their programs are clearly aligned with the requirements for success in further education and careers." [Summary excerpt from the report introduction]

Cahill, C., Hoffman, N., Loyd, A., & Vargas, J. (2014). State strategies for sustaining and scaling Grades 9-14 career pathways: toward a policy set for Pathways to Prosperity. Jobs for the Future.

"This brief begins with a discussion of the composition of state leadership teams and organizing structures for supporting a Pathways to Prosperity Network initiative, and then describes effective strategies currently at play in the network states for jumpstarting work in the regions. It goes on to review state policies that support 9-14 collaborations, including dual enrollment, career and technical education policy, and funding." [Excerpt from the report summary]

Mann, A., & Dawkins, J. (2014). Employer engagement in education: literature review. CfBT Education Trust.

"The subject of this paper is employer engagement in education. In this, the authors consider the range of different ways that employers can support the learning and progression of young people in British schools." [Excerpt from the report summary]

Mann, A., Rehill, J., & Kashefpaktel, E.T. (2018). Employer engagement in education: insights from international evidence for effective practice and future research. Education Endowment Foundation.

"This study, commissioned by the Education Endowment Fund (EEF), is designed to review current evidence on the most effective ways in which employers can support schools to improve pupil educational and economic outcomes." [Summary excerpt from the report introduction]


Articles of Interest

Busteed, B., & Seymour, S. (2017, March 21). Equipped for workplace success? New England Journal of Education. Retrieved May 8, 2018, from

"Employers make a lot of assumptions about the value of a degree. But do they really know how to assess the quality of graduates' college experiences—or how those experiences influence how prepared these graduates are to be engaged, productive employees?" This article addresses those issues and more. [Quote from the article introduction]

Houston, M., Krueger, K., & Osborne, M. (2018). Partnership and collaboration in work-oriented learning in higher education. The Modern Higher Education Review, 0(2), 8-27.

"The paper reports preliminary findings from an EU funded project on collaboration and partnership between external stakeholders and universities to deliver work-related learning to adults with existing labour market experience in order to increase skills and competences for the knowledge economy as envisaged in Agenda 2020." [Abstract excerpt from the authors]

Janicki, T. N., & Cummings, J. W. (2017). Increasing student/corporate engagement. Information Systems Education Journal, 15(5), 37–44.

"Increasing dialog and interaction between the corporate community and students is a key strategic goal of many universities. This paper describes an event that has been specifically designed to increase student and corporate engagement. It describes the process of planning and executing a targeted career day for information systems and information technology majors." [Abstract excerpt from the authors]

Kaider, F., Hains-Wesson, R., & Young, K. (2017). Practical typology of authentic work-integrated learning activities and assessments. Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education, 18(2), 153–165.

"Increased graduate employment is an aspiration of Australian universities who are adopting new and innovative approaches to ensure that all students have opportunities to develop the employability skills much sought after by employers ... This paper presents the development of an authentic assessment framework and typology that was employed to conduct the action-in-research investigation and to illustrate the investigative outcome, as well as holding prospects as a curriculum development tool and student engagement and development tool." [Abstract excerpt from the authors]

Livingstone, D. W., & Raykov, M. (2017). The growing gap between post-secondary schooling and further education: findings of 1998, 2004, 2010 and 2016 National Surveys of the Employed Canadian Labour Force. The Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education (Online); Halifax, 29(1), 83–105.

"This article summarizes the findings of a 2016 national survey of the formal schooling, further education, and job-related informal learning of the employed Canadian labour force and compares the results with those of prior national surveys conducted in 1998, 2004, and 2010. " [Abstract excerpt from the author]

Videos (not strictly literature, but interesting nonetheless!)

Education & Employers - Our Research into Employer Engagement - "A summary of our research over the last eight years: Why does employer engagement in education matter?" (2:28)

The Careers & Enterprise Company - Dr. Anthony Mann: Employer Engagement in Education - "Full presentation from Dr Anthony Mann, Director of Policy and Research at Education & Employers, at the first of our 'What Works' research seminars." (38:54)

Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) - Employer Engagement - "Why hire skilled immigrants? Many employers face the problem of finding the right talent with specific skills and qualifications, experience and global connections ... The positive outweighs the challenges. Attitude of the immigrant hires and their willingness to succeed outweigh any technical gaps, which can be addressed with training. " (5:42)

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