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Education Literature Alerts: July '17 - Mentoring

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Eroğlu, E. (2015). Mentor and Mentee Based Learning. Proceedings of the Multidisciplinary Academic Conference, 1–6.

"This paper presents a new method called Mentor & Mentee Based Learning. This new method is becoming more and more common especially at workplaces. This study is significant as it clearly underlines how it works well ... This paper aims at finding out the perceptions of the mentors and mentees on the programs they are offered at their workplaces and suggests some betterment alternatives. " [Summary from the author]

Fries-Britt, S., & Snider, J. (2015). Mentoring outside the line: the importance of authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability in effective mentoring relationships. New Directions for Higher Education, 2015(171), 3–11.

"Informed by the literature and professional practice, this chapter examines the unique mentoring challenges facing women and underrepresented minorities in higher education. Findings indicate that traditional mentoring approaches fall short in fully supporting the needs of underrepresented populations in higher education." [Abstract from the author]

"The benefits of mentoring are well documented (Buddeberg-Fischer, 2006; Kasworm, 2010). Every industry has mentors and protégés who seek mentors who achieved their aspirations. But what training do our mentors have in effective mentorship? Recognizing that it is never too early to learn, yet often overlooked, the Weill Cornell/Rockefeller/ Sloan-Kettering Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program created a mentor-training program for its MD-PhD students. Since 1997, MD-PhD students served as Big Brothers/Sisters to the Gateways to the Laboratory Summer Program for undergraduates, a summer program run by the Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program. The student mentors were taught effective mentoring techniques and the value of working with other mentors to develop ideas and creatively solve issues their mentees are facing. They learned how to get to the root of their protégés concerns and challenges. This is a life long skill that the mentors can use as they develop their own careers as physician-scientists." [Abstract from the author]

Mcmurtrie, B. (2014). The difference mentoring makes. Chronicle of Higher Education, 60(42), A4–A8.

"The article discusses the impact of mentoring on college professors. Topics discussed include the mentoring views of Stanley N. Katz, a historian and professor at Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey, the impact of mentoring on women and minority professors, and the ways in which mentors can help prepare teachers for tenure." [Abstract excerpt from the publisher]

Moser, L., Berlie, H., Salinitri, F., McCuistion, M., & Slaughter, R. (2015). Enhancing academic success by creating a community of learners. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 79(5), 1–9.

"Objective. To enhance academic performance and student progression by creating a community of learners. Design: Academic performance and student progression of students participating in the first 3 years of a second-year pharmacy learning community were compared with those of students in the 3 previous classes." [Abstract excerpt from the author]

Tell me about . . . a mentor who nurtured your abilities as a leader. (2017). Educational Leadership, 74(8), 93–94.

"The article discusses the views of several associate professors, school principals, and instructors in America regarding the mentors who helped nurture the educators' abilities as leaders, and it mentions retired public school teacher Ruth Gelina and the impact of daily encouragement on a teacher. Inspiration and work-life balance are examined, along with compassion, trust, and empathy. Role models in education are also assessed." [Abstract from EBSCO]

Videos (not strictly literature, but interesting nonetheless!)

Karen Russell - TEDxOverlake - Modern Mentoring: The Good, The Bad & and The Better  | TEDx Talks:

Karen Russell's a Harvard-trained lawyer at Davis Wright Tremaine. She is the Firm-Wide Manager of Diversity Initiatives. Karen also works as an Inclusion consultant to help clients develop "best practice" proactive strategies for managing inclusion, diversity and multi-cultural issues. (9:26)

Michael Benko - TEDxOU - Mentoring the Next Generation | TEDx Talks :

Featured on ABC, NBC, and Fox news affiliates Michael Benko is the co-founder of the Amazon Best Selling team the Student Success Academy. Michael's focus is to empower the next generation of students through providing personalized education within a creative framework for students to flourish. (6:18)

Patrick Boland - TEDxYouth@TheSpire -  Failure and the Importance of Mentors | TEDx Talks:

Patrick has worked as a consultant, executive coach and educator since 2004 in organisations ranging from Gonzaga College to Trinity College Dublin, Deloitte to Diageo. He has served on senior leadership teams in the not-for-profit sector and worked in human capital and strategy consulting. Patrick’s work at Conexus helps organisations to bridge the generation gap between high potentials and their leaders, creating communication, engagement and high performance in the workplace. (14:04)

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