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Education Literature Alerts: Aug. '17 - Open Educational Resources

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Belikov, O. M., & Bodily, R. (2016). Incentives and barriers to OER adoption: a qualitative analysis of faculty perceptions. Open Praxis, 8(3), 235–246.

"In this paper, 218 U.S. faculty responses regarding Open Educational Resources (OER) were qualitatively analyzed. Ten categories emerged in the coding process. The top three categories that indicated barriers to the adoption of OER were "need more information" (faculty wanted more information before they would be willing to adopt OER), "lack of discoverability" (faculty wanted to be able to easily find repositories of OER), and "confusing OER with digital resources" (faculty were unaware of the difference between digital resources and OER)." [Abstract excerpt from the authors]

Bliss, T. J., Robinson, T. J., Hilton, J., & Wiley, D. A. (2013). An OER COUP: College teacher and student perceptions of open educational resources. Journal of Interactive Media in Education.

"Despite increased development and dissemination, there has been very little empirical research on Open Educational Resources (OER). Teachers and students involved in a large-scale OER initiative at eight community colleges across the United States were given a detailed questionnaire aimed at uncovering their perceptions of the cost, outcomes, uses and perceptions of quality of the OER used in their courses." [Abstract excerpt from the authors]

"The implementation of open educational resources (OER) at the course level in higher education poses numerous challenges to education practitioners--ranging from discoverability challenges to the lack of knowledge on how to best localize and utilize OER as courseware. Drawing on case studies of OER initiatives globally, the article discusses field-tested solutions to addressing those challenges at the faculty level, the programmatic level, and institutional level." [Abstract excerpt from the authors]

McGreal, R., Anderson, T., & Conrad, D. (2015). Open educational resources in Canada 2015. International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 16(5), 161–175.

"Canada's important areas of expertise in open educational resources (OER) are beginning to be built upon or replicated more broadly in all education and training sectors. This paper provides an overview of the state of the art in OER initiatives and open higher education in general in Canada, providing insights into what is happening nationally and provincially." [Abstract excerpt from the authors]

Videos (not strictly literature, but interesting nonetheless!)

David White & Marion Manton - Academic IT, Oxford University IT Services - Open Educational Resources: The Value of Use:

This video gives an overview of the findings of the JISC OER Impact project which analysed the link between the value of use and its impact in teaching and learning. There is a full research report (Liz Masterman and Joanna Wild, LTG) and a shorter 'accessible' report (Dave White and Marion Manton, TALL) available for download from JISC: . (14:34)

Richard Baraniuk - TED - The Birth of the Open Source Learning Revolution | TED Talks :

In 2006, open-learning visionary Richard Baraniuk explains the vision behind Connexions (now called OpenStax), an open-source, online education system. It cuts out the textbook, allowing teachers to share and modify course materials freely, anywhere in the world. (18:30)

NYU Humanities -  Everything You Need to Know About Open Educational Resources | NYU:

Panelists from various Humanities faculties at New York University discuss the merits of Open Educational Resources (OER) (90:00)

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