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Blogging: Tumblr

Top five tips for blogs and blogging

1. Have a clear purpose.

Once you've figured out what you'd like to write about make sure it is clear to readers. You can use the title, sub-title, and/or the 'about me' section to do this. 

2. Post regularly and consistently.

You are more likely to get regular readers of your blog if they expect you to post fairly regularly. Depending on what it is you wish to write about it may be appropriate to write daily, weekly or monthly. Identify what works for you and try to stick to it.

3. Include a picture.

Including a picture breaks up the text, makes the post look more visually appealing and makes it easier to read. The same applies for using paragraphs, bold headings and bullet points.

4. Allow comments.  

You can always moderate comments if you are concerned about spam, although most blogging sites do a good job at removing this. Comments allow your readers to interact with you and participate in the discussion of your topic.

5. Publicize your posts.  

Tweet your posts and put a link to your blog in your Twitter profile. Do the same in LinkedIn.

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