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HOSP 3112, 3460, 4053: HOSP 3112 Labour Relations Management

Resources for HOSP 3112 Labour Relations Management, HOSP 3460 Canadian Labour Relations and HOSP 4053 Enhanced Communications

Materials @ the Library

Here are some popular subject searches in the VCC online catalogue organized by your Course weekly outline. Click on them and they will take you to a list of library materials about that topic: 

Week 2 - History & Development of Labour & Employment Relations

Week 3 - Why people Unionize/Understanding Unions

 Week 4 - Management of Industrial Relations/ Management Issues

 Week 6 - Managing Hig Involvement Teams & Engaging Employees

Week 9 - Social, Political & Economic Environments/Understanding Culture & Diversity

Week 10 - Understating Collective Bargaining & Managing Change

Week 11 - Conflict Resolution in Union & Non-union Setting/ Labour Laws

Week 13 - Effective Communications & Negotiation Skills In Union & Non-Union Settings

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