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HOSP 4502 - Organizational Effectiveness: Books, DVDs and More

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Hospitality industry -- Personnel management

Hospitality industry -- Management

Week 2 - Effective Organizations

Organizational effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness -- Case studies

Organizational change.

Organizational change -- Management

Week 3 -  Corporate Citizenship

Social responsibility of business

Leadership -- Moral and ethical aspects

Business ethics

Week 4 - Training & Development

Employees -- Training of

Hospitality industry -- Employees -- Training of

Employees -- Recruiting

Employee motivation

Employee retention 

Mentoring in business

Hospitality industry -- Employees -- Recruiting

Week 6 - Unions/ Negotiation role plays

Labor unions -- Canada

Labor unions -- British Columbia -- History

Industrial relations -- Canada

Industrial relations -- British Columbia

Negotiation in business and conflict

Week 8 - Succession Planning & Organizational Learning

Executives -- Training of

Executive succession

Organizational learning

Week 9 -  Cultural Variances

Diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the workplace -- Management

Week 10 - Power & Empowerment/ Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction

Employee empowerment

Hospitality industry -- Management -- Employee participation

Communication in management

Week 11 -  Service Quality/TQM/Six Sigma

Total quality management

Customer relations

Customer relations -- Management

Customer services

Customer services -- Management

Total quality management

Quality control -- Management

Week 14 - Employer of Choice

Employee empowerment

Employee morale

Employees -- Counseling of.

Employees -- Rating of.

Debate Tips & Advice : Debating Persuasive Arguments

Debate Tips & Advice : Debate Tips: Outline Main Points .

.Debate Tips & Advice : Debate Tips: Recording Thoughts .

Debate Tips & Advice : Debate Tips: Analyzing Claims

.Debate Tips & Advice : Debate Tips: Evaluate Reasoning

Debate Tips & Advice : Debate Tips: Organizing Info

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