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Streaming Video: Podcasts & iTunes U

How to find quality educational streaming video at the VCC library and on the internet

What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are downloadable audio or video files that can be created by almost anyone with a computer.

  • Podcasts are often episodic in nature and the latest can usually be automatically downloaded.
  • There are many ways to download podcasts; iTunes is the most popular.

What about iTunes U?

iTunes U is a repository created by Apple for educational institutions to make podcasts available to their communities.

  • Many of these podcasts are accessible by the general public, as well, for free.

  • Some institutions have chosen multiple distribution points. For example, Oxford University podcasts are available through iTunes but also directly (from Podcasts from the University of Oxford).

  • VCC is also planning to contribute podcasts to iTunes U. At the moment, various departments are creating content and soon (perhaps by the end of this year) VCC podcasts will be available to the world!

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