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EAL (formerly ESL): Endangered Species Assignment (LINC 7)

Resources for students in EAL, LINC and Pathways.

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Canadian Wildlife Links

Google Search Tips

Search only the Government of Canada websites with

Search a specific phrase with "quotation marks"

Example: Search Google for

"grizzly bear"

to see things about grizzly bears on Government of Canada websites.

Evaluating Websites

Think about these things when you look at a website, to decide if the information is useful. 

1. Age

  • When was the web page written, or updated? Sometimes it is really important that information is not too old. Other times it does not matter.

2. Relevance

  • Is it on the topic you want?
  • Is it relevant? For example, if it's about an endangered species, is it in Canada?

3. Authority & evidence

  • Who wrote and published it?
  • Are they experts on the topic?
  • Do they list sources for their information?

4. Purpose

  • Why did they write this?
  • Are they selling something?
  • Are they only giving one side of the story?

5. Accuracy

  • Is the information correct, or does it contradict what you know from other sources?

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