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Open Education Resources: About Open Education



Butcher, N. (2011) A Basic Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER). Vancouver, BC: Commonwealth of Learning.
An overview of issues related to open access. Large PDF file (may take a minute to download).

WikiEducator (2010). OER Handbook for Educators.
"This handbook is designed to help educators find, use, develop and share OER to enhance their effectiveness online and in the classroom."

Organization for Economic Co-operation. (2007). Giving Knowledge for Free. Paris: OECD
A high-level overview of big-picture issues in open education.

Perraton, H., Creed, C. & Robinson, B. (2002). Teacher Education Guidelines: Using Open and Distance Learning. Paris: UNESCO.
"These guidelines are designed to help anyone considering the use of open and distance learning for teachers."

What are Open Educational Resources

Introduction to Open Educational Resources


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